What is Layer Cake Fabric?

If you are someone who has been into quilting since quite some time now, you might even be aware of the various techniques to get that perfect snuggly quilt for yourself.

Now, there are some allover quilters who want to cover the entire quilt with no regard to the shapes, patterns or design.

However, there’s a new quilting fabric in town, that makes quilting an interesting & fun activity to engage into.

And it’s called.. *insert drumrolls*

Layer Cake.

Now, for those of you who are deep into this amazing art of quilting, it might not be something new. But, for those who are exploring this colorful, beautiful world of quilting, it might sound like an exciting new term. Doesn’t it?

So, what’s this term all about? Layers of fabric over one another? Cake like sweet colours? Well, don’t assume. Our experts at Hingeley Road Quilting will help you out with all that about the layer cake fabric, in the next 5 minutes.

Get your pen & paper ready and start taking notes about layer cake fabric.

What is Layer Cake Fabric?

We’ll keep it simple.

A layer cake fabric is simply a pack of cut fabrics that are sewn together to make quilts. These 10-inch cut fabric pieces are then brought together to create some snuggly quilts out of them.

Simply put, say you have got several pieces of puzzle with you. However, you have the creative independence to create whatever you can make out of it.

Hence, it certainly is an amazing invention for avid quilters reading this.

Why Should You Go For Layer Cake Fabric?

In two words- it’s simple.

Imagine, buying bundles of different fabrics, to only use a small part of it in your quilt. In order to make things simpler, why not buy a limited amount of that fabric for your perfect quilt?

Moreover, the lesser amount of leftover fabric with layer cake fabric, ensures you don’t have a large amount of mess after you’re done quilting.

While quilts are just the bigger picture, one can also easily sew up a kid’s bib, burp cloth, and even stuffed animals.

Moreover, the time you save on this, you can create your other masterpieces out of it. What say?

How To Cut Out The Perfect Layer Cake Fabric?

While mostly your layer cake fabrics come cut in perfect 10’ squares, but we’ve got an insight for you.

In case, you want to save up on some more bucks, you can actually cut down your layer cake fabric yourself.

While you’re cutting your layer cake squares from the yardage, please make sure that you use a ruler and create a few reference points, for the size that you need.

What Can You Make Out of Layer Cake Fabric?

The options are endless, when it comes to making what you love from the layer cake fabric.

In case, you just feel like bringing out the true magic of the fabric, you can go for a simple sew on a quilt. However, you can go ahead and experiment with a large number of patterns such as candy swirl quilts, confetti star pattern quilts and a lot more.

Make sure that the fabric you end up using is high quality & premium. The quality of the fabric is what’s going to make or break your design.

Find out some high quality layer cake fabric here.

Apart from quilts, smaller stuff like bibs, table mats, and more can be created out of your layer cake fabrics.

Or, have you got people coming over? Why not keep a fun sewing game session with asking people to create whatever they can think of, using these layer cakes. Would certainly be a party worth reminiscing for every one.

Make Rag Quilt Using Flannel Layer Cakes

Who can’t love rag quilts? They are cosy, soft and have that rugged DIY feel to it, that makes you feel so much more attached to it.

Moreover, if you are a beginner, when it comes to quilting, you’ll love creating a rag quilt for yourself, due to its ease of making. You might even have a rag quilt ready in a matter of a few hours. Sounds exciting?

So, how about we help you make one out of some layer cake fabrics?

Step 1: Grab two layer cake fabric bundles for your rag quilt project. Layer the two squares together to create a sandwich of sorts, of the two layer cake fabrics. Add a batting fabric between the two layers.

Step 2: Create these layer cake sandwiches for the amounts you require and the size you want for your quilt.

Step 3: Arrange these fabrics together in rows and see how it looks. Once you're satisfied with the aesthetics of your rag quilt, move on to sew these sandwiches together.

Step 4: Use a scissor to cut off the frays that have stayed on, after the sewing.

Step 5: We’d suggest that before you use these quilts, you throw them in for a wash and dry them up. This will make them softer than ever.

Pro Tip: Use flannel as the top layer of your rag quilt. This is because flannel tends to fray easily, giving your quilt the DIY-ish look that you want it to have.


So now that you know all about layer cake fabrics, how about we help you learn more?

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