How to Show Your Patriotic Spirit All Year Long

How to Show Your Patriotic Spirit All Year Long


The United States calendar is peppered with holidays meant to inspire patriotism. There’s our Independence Day, of course. Veterans’ Day, Memorial Day, and similar occasions honor the commitments and sacrifices of Armed Forces members. We also have Flag Day, Presidents’ Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and still more.

With that said, patriotism is not something you need to dust off on select days and put away for the rest of the year. You can use patriotic fabric, follow certain practices, and orient your life in ways that show your devotion to your country all year long. If you are open to some ideas, we will share a few below.

Hoist the Flag Properly

Americans are UNIQUE among the world’s peoples for being big on flags. We do not just fly them at ceremonial events or in places of national import. We fly them whenever and wherever we feel like it, including outside our own homes and businesses.   It is by far the easiest way to announce that an American lives and works here.

Following the US Flag Code when handling this most patriotic fabric is highly recommended. These guidelines are not laws. They simply provide official recommendations for proper flag etiquette. Following the Flag Code is a good way to show respect.


Wear America-Inspired Clothing

Clothing has always been a form of self-expression. Even in situations with strict dress codes, people strive to choose an outfit that reflects their own tastes and personality. If you wish to profess your love for your country, why not adorn yourself in a patriotic fabric?

All kinds of symbols can inspire interesting apparel. The US flag, with its colorful stripes and striking stars, is a popular starting point. The bald eagle, our national bird, is another. Quotes from historical speeches and foundational documents may accompany these images. Get creative in how you express your particular relationship with the land you call home.

Participate in Your Community

A nation is not a piece of fabric or even a patch of land. It is a people. It stands to reason, then, that the best way to support the United States is to support your fellow Americans.

·        Shopping at local businesses — not just franchises from big chains

·        Attending community events, including farmers’ markets

·        Volunteering with schools, parks, clubs, charity efforts, and other local institutions


There are many great quilting organizations that donate time and items to veterans.   Quilts of Valor Foundation is one that works with quilters and quilt shops to provide finished quilts to veterans.  

Support a Good Cause

The history of the United States is a tale of a people fighting to realize unlikely dreams. The scrappy colonists dared to declare independence against a great empire because they wanted freedom. Less than 100 years after the Three-Fifths Compromise, their descendants fought a civil war to free enslaved peoples. The 20th century saw many sweeping changes across society, and the 21st promises more.

Make Quilts from Patriotic Fabric

We can all do our part to make the United States a good country that upholds lofty ideals. Our part does not even have to require a great deal of time and effort. We just have to do whatever is within our power.

For our part, we at Hingely Road Quilt Shop provide a wonderful selection of high-quality patriotic fabric. Our wares can help quilting enthusiasts show their spirit. Shop from over 100 designs and craft something great today.

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