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Swatch Policy

We do not provide free swatches
(fabrics are too limited and costs are too high).

Our Fashion fabrics are limited, we could be sold out by decision time and reorders may take up to 3 months on basic items.

We suggest calling us to verify we have the required quantity on hand and then purchase a ¼ yd cut.

As a last resort, if we have the desired quantity of fabric available, we will send out up to 3 swatches at $1.50 each for a 2” by width of fabric sample.

This includes the price of the fabric, the cost of labor to handle, cut and package swatches, delivery to Post Office (which is 4 miles away) and Postage plus Credit Card Fees. This is for domestic requests only and we reserve the right to refuse or limit this offer at our discretion – it is simply not practical to work with swatches.              
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