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At Hingeley Road Quilting, we're constantly adding brand new fabrics to our inventory. If you're eagerly awaiting a new release of quilt fabric, this is the place to be! You can keep up with our new merchandise here, labeled by the month it's due and updated upon arrival at our store.

If you've gotten behind on our new releases, don't worry. You can view everything here month by month including past releases as well as upcoming ones. If you're a devoted quilter, this page is your go-to place to discover new and exciting fabrics from your favorite designers.

Even if the fabric you want isn't due for months, why not start planning your project now? Check out our other collections and categories to find the perfect fabric to complement the new release you're waiting for.
  • January 2018 January 2018
    Arriving at Hingeley Road Quilting January 2018.
  • Camp Lebanon Camp Lebanon
    Kits and Items for Camp Lebanon Vending. Have them shipped, or we can bring them.
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