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Town Square, Holly Taylor

Posted by Hingeley Road Quilting on 6/6/2016 to New Quilting Products
Town Square by Holly Taylor is on the way!  This new group features a Winter/Holiday theme and has a great new kit by Antler Quilt Designs in a coordinating box (it is too pretty to not display).  There is a new book full of projects as well by Antler Designs.  If you had a preorder in this group--ours will be sent back out the same day the group arrives.  Watch for sample updates on our Facebook page and also this group will be featured on our FB store.  Has anyone tried that?  The new shopping cart allows orders to be placed directly from FB.  Town Square will be featured on there later today.  This new group has 2 old fashioned winter themed panels and a great overall winter park theme scenic print along with snowflake, swirl and vine coordinates.  Order yours today--it will go fast.
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