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For a first-time quilter, it's ideal to start with a quilt pattern that has basic forms, is straightforward to put together, and has clear directions. Squares and rectangles are the building blocks of the simplest quilt patterns. Simple shapes like squares and rectangles are straightforward to cut and sew because there are no curves or biased edges to contend with. Charm squares, jelly rolls, and layer cakes are all names for precut fabric bundles that can be used in a variety of quilt patterns. The time you would have spent measuring and cutting fabric can be better spent actually making progress on your project when you use precut fabric instead. We have many precut fabric options available in our catalog.

Making a basic patchwork quilt is one of the best quilts to start with. Quilt squares are sewn into a grid design to create a traditional square patchwork quilt. Either begin with a package of precut fabric squares or cut squares from the material you already have. A strip quilt is another option. The stripes in a strip quilt are created by sewing together long strips of fabric. You can begin with a precut jelly roll or cut pieces from your own cloth. Both of these options can be located in our online store.

Jelly Rolls Fabric

The number of strips required for jelly rolls of any size may be calculated with relative ease. Keep in mind that there is a certain number of rows that will dictate the overall length. The length is fixed, while the width can be adjusted freely. You'll need to create two different items and join them together to get the length you want. Adding more strips from a jelly roll makes it simple to create a larger quilt. Quantifying the length of the quilt is a little more complicated than doing so for its width. If you want to build a bigger quilt than a jelly roll quilt, you'll need to know how to adjust the measurements.

Your initial giant strip length will dictate the width of your finished Jelly Roll Race Quilt. If you're planning on making a quilt with horizontal stripes, you can adjust its width by adding or removing strips. Altering the duration requires a different approach. It requires an additional piece if you want to make it longer. The number of rows in your jelly roll quilt will increase by one each time you fold a strip. A quilt with a width of 64 inches will always be folded five times to get to that breadth. In order to make the strips align horizontally without a border, more space is required. A typical length for a quilt intended for a queen bed is 96 inches.

In order to maintain the uniform size of your precuts, you must avoid any moisture. In the event that the fabric is prewashed, the precuts may become unusable because of distortion or unraveling, and they may also shrink beyond the original size. Fabrics that fray easily in the wash are an issue to avoid. Kits rarely provide more fabric than is needed to finish the project. Pre-washing raises the possibility that the garments will shrink too much. You should not remove the sizing of the fabric before cutting or stitching. We have a ton of different fabric kit options on our website. 

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