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Two top fabric designers worked together to come up with a fabric collection that would pay proper homage to their home state of Minnesota. Eileen Taylor and Lynn Hawley Bloomquist have been creating the wildly popular Holly Taylor fabrics ever since, bringing the colors and patterns of Northwoods beauty to Frosted Memories, Batiks, Pine Creek Crossing and many more. Browse the site to see the latest complete lines here. You can search by clicking on the link to the left and view all Holly Taylor fabric, or you can sort with "Search Site." Just enter Holly Taylor in the box, select "Holly Taylor" under Search Results, and then narrow by category. You'll be able to sort by price too. Notice that numbers of items are quite high in most categories. This is because we carry complete lines of Holly Taylor fabrics and not just a selected few items.

Interested in seeing the complete line of Northern Solitude fabrics? Select the name and find the complete selection of solid and print fabrics, books, charm packs, layer cakes, honey buns, turnovers and jelly rolls. View everything available in Pine Creek Crossing; see all Frosted Memories fabrics and pre-cut packs.

Once you've found the Holly Taylor fabric designs that steal your heart, you'll be glad to know that we provide shipping caps and can get your items to you with next-day shipping. Contact us if you need assistance or have any questions about our fabrics, shipping policy or quilting in general. We're here to help.

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Quilt Themes

If you've decided to stitch a themed quilt, try our Search tool to help you find the fabrics that lend themselves to this approach.

  • Pine cones - We always have some in our shop. See the Holly Taylor Timber Creek flannel designs.
  • Fish - Whether the ones you might catch in a Northern Minnesota lake or the brightly colored specimens that fascinate in aquariums, you'll find some lovely finned friends here.
  • Florals - Not too hard to find flowered fabrics, but they're stellar here. See what Clothworks has in the Delilah line, for instance.
  • Batiks - These lend themselves to the depth and complexity many quilters are after. See everything batik and order your favorites.

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